QuickBooks Bookkeeping Courses

QuickBooks Bookkeeping

You Will Learn How To

  • Perform a variety of bookkeeping procedures using computer technology
  • Set up accounts, customers, vendors, item and jobs
  • Create sales receipts, sales invoices, receive payments, make deposits, write checks, enter, and pay bills, run reports and back up your data

Course Benefits

QuickBooks is an advanced tool for fast and easy small business financial management. This course trains you to work more efficiently, while serving your clients more effectively. Training in QuickBooks helps you organize your customer, vendor, and company information in one place. And its management and planning tools help you achieve better results.

Who Should Attend

Students who are interested in pursuing a career as a bookkeeper should attend this course. This course prepares and gives a comprehensive insight on the above mentioned areas.


Topics Covered

Introduction to QuickBooks

  • Accessing/exiting the program
  • Overview of menus

Setting up and maintaining Lists

  • Creating chart of accounts
  • Creating accounts and sub accounts
  • Entering customers, vendors and employees data
  • Maintaining lists

Working with the Activities Menu

  • Recording sales and receivables
  • Recording purchase and payables
  • Creating receipts
  • Creating purchase order
  • Running employees payroll
  • Reconciling bank accounts
  • Recording Fixed Assets

Working with the Reports Menu

  • Using Quick Reports
  • Customizing a Report
  • Preparing Profit/ Loss Statement and Balance Sheet
  • Using budgets and planning tools

Year End Procedures

  • Preparing Year End Financial Reports
  • Creating Year End backup