Office Administrative Procedures

You Will Learn How To

  • Have an overview of common office staffing and organization
  • Maintain a daily calendar, prioritize tasks, and prepare a work planner
  • Interact with clients – reception procedures, scheduling procedures, telephone operations
  • Handle office operations
  • File, photocopy and fax documents
  • Manage office supplies and equipment
  • Understand office operations such as sending and receiving mail
  • Manage records, maintain files and understand filing principles
  • Effectively communicate on the telephone and take and leaving meaningful messages

Course Benefits

This course is intended to teach you how to perform basic office administrative procedures like filing, scheduling appointments, organizing, and managing routine office operations.

Who Should Attend

Whether in healthcare or business, someone needs to manage the office. With training in office administration, you will be ready to take charge of the office and get it in order. People interested in working in offices as front desk operators and administrators should consider doing this course.


Topics covered

Role of the Office Professional

  • Common office staffing and organization
  • Productive work habits
  • Professional growth
  • Office safety and security


Interacting with Clients

  • Reception procedures
  • Scheduling procedures
  • Telephone operations
  • Effective telephone communication

Office Operations

  • External mail: outgoing
  • External mail: incoming
  • Routing inter-office mail
  • Photocopying
  • Facsimile (FAX)

Records Management

  • Objectives
  • Systems
  • Filing principles

Supplies and Equipment

  • Inventory procedures (FIFO / LIFO)
  • Inventory controls
  • Ordering procedures
  • Receiving procedures
  • Care and maintenance of office equipment