Microsoft Excel Training

You Will Learn How To

  • Create and Define a Simple Worksheet
  • Develop the Worksheet
  • Use formulas and macros
  • Perform special Operations
  • Perform graphical Operations

Who Should Attend

This course is for students who would like to learn various function in Excel. This course also enable the student to utilize the advance features taught in this course in an office environment with maximum efficiency.

Topics Covered

Create and Define a Simple Worksheet

  • Define worksheet/workbook
  • Access /Navigate /Exit the Program
  • Formulas
  • SUM function /AutoSUM button
  • Formatting numbers and text with the toolbar
  • Save/Save as/Name a file


Develop the Worksheet

  • Plan a worksheet
  • Row and Column labels
  • Split worksheet /box /bar
  • Copy data and formulas
  • Display /move toolbars
  • Enhance worksheet Appearance

Formulas and Macros Formulas

  • Use the Function Wizard
  • Common functions (AVERAGE, MIN, MAX, COUNT, COUNTA, ROUND, INT)
  • Nested functions
  • Name cells /ranges /constants
  • Relative, Absolute, Mixed cell references
  • >, <, = operators
  • Logical functions using IF, AND, OR, NOT
  • The LOOKUP function
  • Date and time functions
  • Annotating formulas
  • Correcting circular references


  • Definition and use
  • Record a macro
  • Assign a macro
  • Run a macro
  • Store a macro
  • Use the Personal Macro Workbook

Special Operations

  • Use multiple windows
  • Copy/ paste between Worksheets
  • Link worksheets
  • Consolidate worksheets
  • Import and link from other Applications
  • Use AutoFormat
  • Create, use and modify styles and templates
  • Print features
  • Create /edit an outline

Graphics Operations

  • Create charts
  • Enhance charts
  • Drawing features