Keyboarding Courses

You Will Learn How To

  • Use keyboard controls and operations effectively
  • Describe standard computer keyboard layout
  • Increase your typing skills and speed and using keystrokes accurately and effortlessly
  • Use fingers and hands appropriately and strategically to improvise on typing speed

Course Benefits

This course is intended to prepare you to increase your typing skills and speed. The course teaches you to effortlessly use the keyboard with accuracy and speed while working at the computer.

Who Should Attend

People interested in increasing their speed and accuracy at the computer should consider doing this course.


Topics covered

Orientation to Typewriters and Computers

  • Parts and functions of the typewriter
  • Accessing /exiting a computer application

Introduction to the Keyboard – Part 1

  • The home keys and the spacebar
  • Word-wrap and return /enter key
  • The backspace key
  • Right shift, V, comma and period keys


Introduction to the Keyboard – Part 2

  • N, W, and G keys
  • Left shift, U, and B keys
  • P, Q, X, apostrophe and quote mark keys
  • Hyphen, underline, Z, Y question mark and backslash keys

Introduction to the Keyboard – Numbers and Symbols

  • 4, 7, 3, 8 keys
  • 2, 9, 1, 0 keys
  • 5, 6 keys
  • %, ^, &, $ and * keys
  • #, (), {}, [], keys
  • @, !, +, = keys
  • Other symbol keys
  • Keypad operations

Other Keyboard Controls and Operations

  • Cursor controls and positioning keys
  • Using the tab key & the caps lock key
  • Control/alternate keys
  • Deletion procedures (backspace, delete, overtype)
  • Function keys

Introduction to the Standard Business Letter

  • Elements of the standard business letter
  • Block and modified block letter formats
  • Small and large envelope formats

Periodic Speed and Accuracy Drills

  • Keystroke drills
  • Timed tests from straight copy