Microsoft Outlook Courses

You Will Learn How To

  • Send and receive email
  • Record business and personal contacts
  • Organize your calender
  • Manage appointments
  • Track prioritized to-do task lists
  • Create, edit and delete notes
  • Schedule and manage meetings

Course Benefits

MS Outlook is an integrated application for email, scheduling, task management, contacts and much more. This course is intended to teach you how to use the different features of Microsoft Outlook at your desk, making it a very organized and efficient way of performing your work.


Who Should Attend

MS Outlook, being a huge assortment of features, is a very interactive contact, mail, planning and scheduling program. Those interested in learning about effective management and handling of diverse tasks and details at work for any kind of business, job and at home, are strongly encouraged to take this course.



Topics Covered

  • Orientation to Outlook
  • Basic procedures
  • Handling email
  • Creating and sending messages
  • Replying (return paths) & forwarding
  • Sending and receiving attached files
  • Using a personal distribution list
  • Using an address book
  • Scheduling appointments & events
  • Adding and editing contacts
  • Creating, editing and deleting notes
  • Managing tasks
  • Creating, assigning & tracking tasks
  • Message handling
  • Inserting text into an Outlook message
  • Using AutoSignatures
  • Sorting, finding and filtering messages
  • Using folders
  • Scheduling and managing meetings
  • Creating and sending meeting requests
  • Working with and managing meeting requests
  • Sharing information in Outlook
  • Using templates and forms
  • Customizing the Outlook bar
  • Working with contacts
  • The Outlook Address Book
  • Communicating with people listed in the Contacts folder
  • Using the Outlook Journal